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99 Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur

750ml Bottle

    Sazerac Company, Inc.
    49.5% Alcohol
    Louisville, Kentucky

    99 Brand Cinnamon Flavored Schnapps Liqueur is a product from 99 Brands that delivers the most intense drink experience with intense flavor and energy. It offers a hot cinnamon nose followed by a bold red hot taste and a lingering, spicy finish. The heat meets sweet and warm things up a little.

    99 brand is a 99 proof full flavor shot. It combines bold flavors with high proof, giving consumers a great tasting extreme shot. Big, "explosive" tastes capture consumer favorites' essence – intense flavor in every shot.

    99 Cinnamon Schnapps has bottled at 99 proof (49.5% alcohol by volume). Try a Cin-full apple pie by mixing 99 apples and 99 cinnamon. It is best to serve chilled. Enjoy!