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Yellow Tail Sangria Blanco

750ml Bottle


    Yellow Tail
    Casella Family Brands
    10% Alcohol
    South Eastern Australia
    Product Description

    Yellow Tail Sangria Blanco is a wine that takes inspiration from a popular Spanish drink. It mixes high-quality white wine with a touch of sweet citrus and peach flavors. When you taste it, you'll find it clean, light, and incredibly refreshing. You can enjoy this wine by itself, with ice, or with some fresh fruit.

    Tasting Notes

    When you smell Yellow Tail Sangria Blanco, you'll notice the delightful scents of peach and tropical mango. As you take a sip, you'll experience the flavors of tropical fruits like pineapples, along with ripe peaches that give it a sweet and smooth taste. The finish is refreshing, leaving a hint of fresh lime flavor in your mouth.

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