Voli Lemon Vodka

750ml Bottle

    Maison Roullet-Fransac
    30% Alcohol

    Voli Lemon Flavored Vodka has handcrafted by the master distillers of Roullet-Fransac in Cognac, France. It is a delicate blend of the finest multi-distilled wheat vodka, pure spring water, natural flavor, and electrolytes. It offers pure honeyed lemon zest aromas with a supple, glycerous, off-dry medium-to-full body and a lovely drying lemon curd and oil and wet stone finish.

    Its a pure, precise, and a rather elegant lemon vodka. Voli light vodkas are, on average, between 25% and 40% lower calories than leading brands. In a world where things add up, it's nice to start subtracting.

    Voli Lemon Vodka has bottled at 30% alcohol by volume. Its delightful nose, uniques natural flavor, and smooth finish make it delicious served chilled, straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Enjoy!