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Twenty Grand Black Vodka Infused with Cognac

750ml Bottle

    Twenty Grand
    50% Alcohol
    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    United States

    Twenty Grand Black is a premium Vodka Infused with Cognac bottled at 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume). With a vibrant taste, it possesses a well-balanced blend of traditional cognac flavors and boasts an aromatic wealth. At 100 Proof, it has a bold offering with traditional flavors.

    This Black Vodka has a warm, glowing amber color with glimmering highlights. The nose offers mellow notes of sweet fruit and a dark floral bouquet. The taste has a bold, creamy blend of fresh grapes, toasted oak, and dark cherries. The finish is long with subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, and light spice that fade, leaving a smooth warmth.

    Twenty Grand Black is exceptionally versatile. It can be experienced straight, over ice, or in a variety of cocktails, especially with Nutty Manhattan. Enjoy!