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Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir 2017

750ml Bottle

    Red Wine
    Tussock Jumper
    Wineforces S.A.R.L
    12.5% Alcohol

    Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir Red Wine 2017 is known for its elegance and refinement. It possesses an exotic bouquet along with a velvety, mouth-filling texture. The grapes for this Pinot Noir have sourced from vineyards situated at the foothill of the Pyrenees Mountains in the South of France. It exhibits flavors of ripe red fruit, cherry, chocolate, toast, and spices.

    This Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir has a dark color with ruby tints. The delicate flavors of red and blackberries mixed with floral notes. It offers hints of delicate wood and vanilla with complicated and lengthy on the palate. It has aromas of crushed black fruits and jam with plump and well-integrated tannins. It has bottled at 12.5% alcohol by volume and pairs well with charcuterie, grilled meats, pepper steak, or lamb dishes. Enjoy!