Tooters Red-Diculous On The Beach

25ml (15 Tubes)

Ready to Drink | Unique Cocktails

    Mango Bottling, Inc
    15% Alcohol
    Cocoa, Florida
    United States

    Tooters Red-Diculous On The Beach is Liqueur based Ready to Drink. A seductive blend of juicy peach and luscious berry combines the best of both worlds in this classic, easy-going cocktail. Carefully selected for its flavor profile, it is distilled for a smooth, bold taste. This Ready to Drink comes with 15% alcohol by volume – 30 Proof. Tooters Red-Diculous On The Beach Party Pack consists of fifteen individually sealed 25ml Tubes per 375ml pack. Some have described these Liqueur based Tooters as "the most innovative packaging of distilled spirits produced in the last fifty years." It is "The Party in a Tube." Enjoy!