The Pogues Irish Whiskey

750ml Bottle

Blended Irish Whiskey

    The Pogues
    Halewood International Holdings PLC
    40% Alcohol

    The Pogues Blended Irish Whiskey is a unique Whiskey created with a passion by master whiskey maker Frank McHardy at the most exposed and southerly located distillery on the Atlantic, where conditions are perfect for the maturation of Irish Whiskey. It has been triple distilled and matured in Ireland.

    The Pogues Irish Whiskey is a small-batch whiskey, blended of malt and grain whiskey and made using pure Irish spring water and Irish barley, malted on-site at the West Cork Distillery. It has been loaded with a lot of character, much like the band itself.

    On the nose, you'll experience malt, roasted almonds, spice, and dark chocolate. The palate offers citrus, spice, cracked pepper, dark fruit, and a hint of sweetness. All with a delicately balanced finish, rounded and long-lasting.

    This Blended Irish Whiskey has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Exceptionally smooth; experience it neat, with ice, with a mixer, in a cocktail, or however you damn well want. Enjoy!