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Tempus Fugit Spirits Liqueur de Violettes

750ml Bottle


    Tempus Fugit
    Tempus Fugit Spirits, LLC
    22% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Tempus Fugit Spirits Liqueur de Violettes is a unique and rare liqueur based on a mid-19th-century French recipe. It is made only in micro-batches by Swiss distiller Oliver Matter for Tempus Fugit Spirits in Northern California. The protocol uses the most exquisite French violets, traditionally hand-harvested in the sunny and historic Cote d'Azur, along the Mediterranean Sea, among the myriad of precious flowers cultivated in the region for the world's finest perfumes. This elegant elixir has a lower sugar content than the heavier "creme-style" violet cordials, which more intensely highlights its delicate floral aromatics.

    Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violettes is your ideal ingredient for historic and modern cocktails (the inspiration to create this liqueur was the Aviation Cocktail), drizzled into a flute of champagne or chilled on rocks and sipped on its own. Enjoy!

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