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Stella Rosa Ruby Rose Grapefruit

250ml (2 Cans)


      Stella Rosa
      San Antonio Winery, Inc.
      5% Alcohol
      Gluten Free
      Gluten Free
      Product Description

      Il Conte Stella Rosa Ruby Rose Grapefruit Flavored Sparkling Wine is a new, exclusive addition to the Stella Rosa Family. It is a decadent semi-sweet and semi-sparkling wine from Piedmont, Italy, unlike anything you've tasted before. Grapes for this delicious wine are harvested from Moscato, Barberia, and Malvasia vineyards.

      Stella Rosa Ruby Rose Grapefruit is a light and refreshing wine combined with natural flavors of ripe red grapefruit and roses that promote fruit-forward aromas. It is a perfect rose wine to experience on a sunny day with its bright flavors and stunning rose color with just the right amount of persuading acidity to satisfy. Only one sip will tease your tastebuds and have you feeling like you are on cloud wine.

      This Ruby Rose Grapefruit Wine is gluten-free and bottled at 5% alcohol by volume. It pairs exceptionally with bruschetta and toast; fig spread with goat cheese on saltine crackers, and cream cheese on soft pretzel bread with marmalade. It is perfect for sharing with a couple of loved-ones or treating yourself after a long day! It is especially ideal for any occasion and best to serve chilled. Let's Stellabrate!

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