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St. George Green Chile Vodka

750ml Bottle

    St. George
    St. George Spirits, Inc.
    40% Alcohol
    Alameda, California
    United States

    St. George Green Chile Pepper Flavored Vodka has crafted from a variety of California-grown hot and sweet peppers that build layers of sweet, savory heat. Lime peel and fresh cilantro have added to impart even more vibrancy and depth of flavor. The bold vodka is elaborately distilled using a 1,500-liter still, filled with crushed jalapeno peppers, lime peel, and a non-GMO base spirit.

    This mixture has then distilled through a Carter head assembly layered with fresh cilantro. Serrano, habanero, red and yellow sweet bell peppers have infused separately, then each infusion is blended with the jalapeno lime distillate, giving the vodka its distinctive green hue. Sure to add a kick to any cocktail, this is the “Salsa Fresca” of spirits.

    The chile flavor is fresh, sweet, and bright—with just enough capsicum punch to make sure that you know we crushed tens of thousands of pounds of green jalapenos to make it. It offers layers of spicy chiles, citrus and zesty cilantro aromas on the nose. The palate is very salsa-like with peppery heat followed by a clean, subtly sweet, spicy finish.

    The sweet/savory heat makes it ideal for the perfect Bloody Mary, a Moscow Mule with an extra kick, a zesty Gimlet, or craving something fresh and spicy in your glass. Enjoy!