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Soplica Cherry Vodka

750ml Bottle


    Roust Holdings Limited
    30% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Soplica Cherry Flavored Vodka has all of the original product's character and credentials, which has been produced in Poland since 1891. The same careful blend of grain vodka, rye, and wheat Soplica Cherry also contains juicy cherries ripened in sunny Polish orchards.

    Soplica Wisniowa Cherry Vodka has a fresh sweet aroma with a well balanced soft velvety texture and a subtle taste of sweet juicy cherries. It has a deep-bodied, black cherry flavor that is sweet and tart with a nice juicy finish. It has bottled at 30% alcohol by volume. You can sip it from a shot glass or add a dash of soda and savor. Enjoy!

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