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Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Vodka

750ml Bottle

    Campari Group
    35% Alcohol
    San Francisco, California
    United States

    Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Flavored Vodka is an alluring infusion of premium Skyy Vodka made with real blood orange, displaying the natural sweetness, deep, refined complexity, and mouth-watering juiciness of the sinful blood orange. It is triple filtered fine American grain and infused with 100% real, natural fruit, creating a premium spirit with an ultra-smooth character.

    Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Vodka has an aroma of candied orange, like a cross between blood orange juice and tang, that completely obscures any vodka fragrance. This sweet orange zest aroma has followed by juicy real orange pulp and hints of spice and caramel. On the palate, it also tastes of candied orange; it has a faint taste of blood orange juice but more tang and hard orange candies.

    This Skyy Infusions Blood Orange has bottled at 35% alcohol by volume. Savor it over ice or shaken in a magnificent cocktail. Enjoy!