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Schloss Koblenz Dornfelder 2017

750ml Bottle


    Schloss Koblenz
    Weinhaus Schloss Koblenz GmbH
    8% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Schloss Koblenz Dornfelder Red Wine 2017 is present in the sweet red form and produced from the Dornfeld grapes from Rheinhessen, Germany. Fruity and sweet, it is rich in color with features of plum and cherries with floral notes. It is soft, lush, and balanced with a base of the fruit. It has a fruity character with bursts of sun sweetened juiciness.

    This Schloss Koblenz Dornfelder is smooth, medium-bodied, lightly sweet red with notes of ripe cherries and black currants bursting on the palate, followed by a distinctive vanilla note with a velvety finish. It has bottled at 8% alcohol by volume and pairs well with pasta, veal, and vegetarian dishes. Enjoy!

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