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Ron Centenario 12 Year Old Gran Legado Rum

750ml Bottle


    Centenario Internacional S.A.
    40% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    Ron Centenario 12 Year Old Gran Legado Rum is a product of Costa Rica. It is the blend of mature rums that have received the legacy of a lifetime among oak barrels, obtaining hues of ripe red fruits over time. It has an amber color with a pleasant smell of ripe red fruits and lots of wood. It's a rum that conceals all the senses.

    Ron Centenario 12, a blend of rums aged for up to 12 years in white American oak casks, is slightly sweeter than Centenario 7. It shows hints of almonds, pralines, ripe bananas, almond sponge cake, orange zest, and nougat. The finish has accents of amontillado sherry, apple blossoms, chamomile tea, sugared raisins, and mocha.

    Experience this amber-hued Ron Centenario 12 Anos Rum Gran Legado after an elegant dinner or while celebrating special occasions. An aroma of caramel and spice enhance a rich aged-oak nutty flavor. Undertones of baked apple pie, cinnamon, and nutmeg are perfect over ice or blended in mixed drinks.

    Ron Centenario 12 Gran Legado is a gluten-free rum bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It is best to savor neat, on the rocks with pure water, or mixed in with a premium cocktail. It is outstanding in El Presidente: rum, dry vermouth, dry orange curacao (2:1:1). Enjoy!

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