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Romios Ouzo

750ml Bottle

    Cavino S.A.
    38% Alcohol

    Romios Premium Ouzo has been made according to a traditional recipe of the Cavino distillery in Greece. Before bottling, the storage of several months gives the distinctive taste to Ouzo Romios.

    This Ouzo is a famous traditional Greek spirit of the highest quality with anise taste and made with the addition of different herbs. It offers fresh aromas of aniseed and herbs. It is light to medium-bodied, relatively fresh, and ends with clean, lightly sweet flavors of anise.

    Romios Ouzo has bottled at 38% alcohol by volume. It is traditionally served as a long drink mixed with water and ice, pure or as a cocktail with orange juice in Greece. It is best to serve cold at 4-8° C with fish, seafood, olives, feta, salads, or an aperitif. Enjoy!