Rare Perfection 14 Year Old Overproof

750ml Bottle

    Rare Perfection
    Preservation Distillery
    50.35% Alcohol

    Rare Perfection 14 Year Old Overproof Blended Canadian Whiskey from Preservation Distillery has been made from a bourbon mash bill and aged in Canada's cold warehouses. Although technically Canadian Whiskey, it was distilled from a 4-grain wheated bourbon mash bill with just a rye and malted barley hint.

    According to Preservation Distillery, the cold climate where this Whiskey was aged has helped create its thick buttery body without the heavy lumber notes on the finish. This is due to the wood not expanding nearly as much in the cold northern climate.

    Rare Perfection Blended 14 Year Old Whiskey has a golden amber color. On the nose, tropical notes are first to jump out of the glass, such as pineapple, toasted coconut, and citrus. The brown sugar, almonds, and golden raisin notes come through as well. The palate is thick, buttery, and downright tasty. The brown sugar notes are right up front, followed by orange, lemon, and a hint of cherry.

    As the palate begins to fade, delicious butterscotch flavors make an appearance. The finish is pleasantly long with lemon and citrus that evolves into a touch of cherry and cinnamon. The butterscotch notes from the palate continue to linger around throughout the finish. This Rare Perfection 14 Year is an Overproof whiskey bottled at 100.7 proof (50.35% alcohol by volume). Enjoy!