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Public House Hide And Seek Hefeweizen

12oz (6 Cans)


    Public House
    Public House Brewing Company
    4.9% Alcohol
    St. James, Missouri
    Product Description

    At Public House, we take our Hefeweizen seriously. Not only do we use traditional ingredients, but our brewers use the traditional, multi-step infusion mash method (adding time and toil to the brew day) which gives the beer the appropriate body without cloying sweetness. Pale, spicy, and fruity, our Hefeweizen is medium-bodied with a fluffy, creamy fullness that comes directly from the wheat. Subtle flavors and aromas of banana, clove, and even bubblegum–all naturally imparted by the yeast–are balanced by slightly tart and citrusy noble hops. Do we really need to keep going here? If you don’t want one by now, you might want to check your pulse.

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