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Pearl Coconut Vodka

750ml Bottle

    Luxco, Inc.
    35% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free, New Arrivals

    Pearl Coconut Flavored Vodka has made with hand-selected soft winter wheat combined with pure Canadian Rocky Mountain water and then blended with fresh tropical coconut. Close your eyes and imagine lying on a beach with your feet in the sand and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Pearl Coconut gives you that feeling with every sip.

    With each exotic sip, prepare to be transported to the warm sands and blissful shores of a tropical paradise. This Pearl Coconut is the perfect island flavor to unwind anywhere and anytime, far away. It's as refreshing and soul-quenching as an ocean breeze. It is gluten-free and bottled at 35% alcohol by volume. It pairs well with lemon-lime soda, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, or club soda. Enjoy!