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Paul Masson Marsala

750ml Bottle

    Dessert & Fortified Wine
    Paul Masson
    The Wine Group LLC
    18% Alcohol
    United States

    Paul Masson California Marsala Wine uses a traditional method of aging in small oak casks, resulting in a smooth flavor and finish. The winemakers skillfully blend the best grapes from California and barrel-age the wine in American Oak to improve its character significantly. This marsala is a deep golden in color, full-bodied, and fragrant sherry, sweet but balanced with a lively tang of citrus flavors and aroma. It offers a pleasant, baked nose and a dry, nutty taste with a creamy, cooked fragrance, a warm, mouth-filling taste, and a lingering finish. Serve as an aperitif or as an after-dinner wine. Marsala is a significant ingredient in chicken marsala, as well as many other gourmet dishes. Serve chilled or at room temperature. Enjoy!