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Old Forester Single Barrel Strength Bourbon

750ml Bottle


    Old Forester
    Brown–Forman Corporation
    66.45% Alcohol
    Lewisville, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Consistency, balance, and, above all, quality. That's what drove the founder, George Garvin Brown, to seal Bourbon in a glass bottle - and sign his name to it as a personal guarantee - for the first time in 1870. Today, Old Forester remains the distinguished choice for those who appreciate authenticity in their Bourbon. Individuals who wish to share a special place in this legacy have an exclusive opportunity to select a single barrel of Old Forester for purchase and personalization through their unique Single Barrel program.Old Forester has an amazing tradition and heritage in every bottle, from the standard 86 Proof to the annual tradition of releasing Birthday Bourbon on George Garvin Brown's birthday. Their single barrel line allows them to flex some muscle and show off incredible variations from the core line found in exceptional individual casks. If you're already a fan of Old Forester, then Old Forester Single Barrel Strength Bourbon hails from the famed Warehouse K. Clocking in at 132.9 proof, this pour is nothing short of exceptional from nose to finish. You'll immediately notice this pour's dark, rich color, which was helped by the age and the time of Old Forester's tradition of heat cycling warehouses. This is a classic bourbon oak and caramel on the nose with light additions, cherries, and baking spices. The longer it sits in the glass, the more it evolves and takes on dessert qualities, almost cherry pie-like if the cherry was a bit more subtle. The pastry elements on the palate are noticeably more pronounced, and it takes on a buttery graham cracker quality that lingers through the finish. There's a nice stone fruit and vanilla element there as well. This Old Forester selection will only last for a while, so make sure you get your bottle now before it's gone.

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