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New Holland Hatter Royale Hopquila Whiskey

750ml Bottle


    New Holland
    New Holland Brewing Company
    40% Alcohol
    Holland, Michigan
    Product Description

    New Holland Artisan Spirits Hatter Royale Hopquila American Whiskey is the innovative creation that invites the herbaceous perennial to the exciting world of distilled spirits. A fermented wash of 100% barley has twice distilled to 150 proof. It has infused with Centennial hops at 85 proof and sweetened with 3% cane sugar. Filtered through 3 particulate filters and bottled at 80 proof(40% alcohol by volume).

    This vivacious spirit features a grain-centric body framed by citrus-laden hop character in the nose and finish. It is best to serve with an ice cube and a squeeze of lime. Enjoy!

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