Moskato Life Moscato

720ml Bottle

White Wine | Muscat/Moscato

    White Wine
    Moskato Life
    Phusion Projects LLC
    10% Alcohol
    United States

    Moskato Life Moscato is a white wine from the USA. It is lightly carbonated and sweet, which delivers on consumers' desires for varied drink choices. Embracing the extraordinary moments of life and celebrating attainable luxury salutes those who are celebrating life to the fullest, day in and day out.

    It's an opportunity to experience opulence without added sacrifice and the perfect way to make any occasion toast-worthy. Its flawless combination of light carbonation and sweetness makes it drinks smooth and sparkles as bright as the toast makers themselves.

    Moskato Life Moscato offers prestige and beauty without the drama. The sleek black bottle conveys the extravagant side of life, focusing on class and character with a hint of indulgence. It has bottled at 10% alcohol by volume. As marked by a stylish peacock, the symbol of immortality and love, every hard-earned, extraordinary moment should be enjoyed with pride!