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Malibu Peaches & Cream Rum

750ml Bottle


    Pernod Ricard
    21% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Malibu Peaches and Cream Rum is a Flavored Rum they create with their Original Coconut rum as a base. Natural coconut flavored liqueur and peach and cream flavors are blended before bottling in Canada at 42 proof. It pours to a peach Jell-O color. The aroma is peach, coconut, and molasses. The sweet peach entry has joined by cream creating a peach milkshake taste. Rum flavor arrives at the peak before fading with coconut and cream and finishing with a long sweet, lightly tart peach.

    Malibu is an original Caribbean coconut rum, that was born and lives in a place where the spirit of summer shines all year round. It starts with molasses from the most beautiful sugarcane crops, and it has distilled three times at the West Indies distillery in Barbados. The only way you could make this signature coconut flavor smoother is by adding peaches and cream. It is best to experience chilled or on the rocks. Enjoy!

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