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Kikusui Perfect Snow Unfiltered Sake

300ml Bottle


    Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.
    21% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Kikusui Perfect Snow Unfiltered Sake is the king of Nigori Sake. From the birthplace, it is Japan's top Nigori Sake (Unfiltered Sake). It was created by Kikusui, a sake brewer who runs top in Japan. A mouthful of Japan's #1 selling Nigorizake, it leaves a perfectly excellent impression. A white, cloudy liquor reminiscent of a snow scene full of Japanese atmosphere, with a sweet yet rich flavor and a lively taste. Perfect Snow is a white, cloudy sake reminiscent of pure snow, with a crisp, dynamic flavor despite its sweet, full-bodied palate. This full-bodied sweet Nigori genshu is not just the regular Nigori Sake. It's undiluted, so has 21% abv and chewable grains of rice from our traditional brewing methods. "Impact" is the main idea, coming from a flowery, full-body, a crisp and dynamic sweetness, and the pleasant aftertaste of steamed rice from the coarsely filtered rice mash particles. It's no wonder there is no Nigorizake that can share the spotlight with this tasty sake giant. Kikusui Nigori Perfect Snow Unfiltered Sake also provides for more versatile drinking possibilities than your normal Nigori Sake. You can drink it chilled, on the rocks, with soda, or mixed with your favorite juice. For easy mixers or fun cocktails, it is the perfect partner. Enjoy!

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