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Khortytsa De Luxe Vodka

750ml Bottle


    Global Spirits
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Khortytsa De Luxe Vodka (also known as "Khor De Luxe Vodka") is a real gourmet masterpiece created for connoisseurs. This ultra-premium organic vodka is the ultimate product of high-end vodka manufacturing. Its elite exclusive recipe is based on grain ethanol "Lux" and the purest water.

    The perfect combination of natural ingredients of the highest quality results in exquisite flavor and soft aftertaste, bringing pleasure with every sip of this vodka. Aromatic notes of cherry and cinnamon combined with crisp, perfectly purified water from an artesian well create a harmonious flavor with a soft unforgettable finish.

    It makes a perfect match with hot dishes and snacks (for example, sandwiches with caviar or salmon). Besides, it can be used for making a variety of delicious cocktails, whether it be long or short drinks. Appreciate this delightful vodka at home or while having a party with your friends. Try its most exquisite taste De Luxe to see for yourself! Enjoy!

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