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Jose Cuervo Black Medallion Tequila

750ml Bottle

    Jose Cuervo
    Becle SAB de
    40% Alcohol

    Jose Cuervo Black Medallion Anejo Tequila has been made by double distillation of the alcohol obtained from the blue agave's ripe fruit. After distillation, the distillate within 12 months aged in barrels of American white oak, charred inside. Jose Cuervo then "Black Medallion" is entirely at rest for some time, so it has a particularly elegant bouquet, rich and noble. The charring process on the barrels has been designed to remove impurities and give the tequila a deeper oaky flavor.

    Jose Cuervo Black Medallion has a vibrant amber color. The aroma offers toasted oak, cinnamon, red apple, cocoa, and coffee. The taste has sweet tones of vanilla woven with smoke, spice, and subtle agave notes. A soft and long aftertaste has been dominated by notes of chili, cinnamon, and wood. It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. This sophisticated, flavorful tequila has an aroma and taste meant to be savored on the rocks or appreciated with cola. Enjoy!