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Joia Spirit Sparkling Greyhound Cocktail

355ml (4 Cans)

    Joia Spirit
    Prestige Beverage Group
    6% Alcohol
    Mendota Heights, Minnesota
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    Joia Spirit Sparkling Greyhound Cocktail is the delicious Joia cocktail in a can! Joia Spirit Greyhound is made with real vodka, simple, clean ingredients and lightly carbonated. Bright, tangy grapefruit. A whisper of chamomile. A dash of cardamom. Just the right amount of crisp, clear vodka. A perfect combination of incredible flavors. Lightly carbonated with a few bubbles. A refreshing twist to a classic Greyhound. Joia Spirit Greyhound is an amazingly refreshing cocktail which is ready for whenever and wherever you choose. Our premium vodka cocktails taste amazing, they're all natural with no artificial anything, and they're lower in sugar and calories for a just-right, not-too-sweet taste — a fresh twist on classic cocktails. Joia Spirit is perfect for taking anywhere and enjoying chilled right from the can or in a glass over ice!