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Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo Raspberry

375ml Bottle

    Hite Holdings Co., Ltd.
    15% Alcohol
    South Korea

    Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo Raspberry Fruit Blend Wine has made from 100% raspberries and medicinal herbs. It uses only the finest ingredients and a traditional red wine producing method that brings out their vibrant bouquet and natural flavors. In Korea, this wine has widely believed to help relieve hypertension and promote blood circulation. Fermented and matured using 100% Korea-produced freshly harvested Bokbunja, it offers a fresh taste and nutritional benefits.

    This Jinro Raspberry Wine has a deep, dark ruby color. The aroma reveals a bouquet of shades of sweet raspberries and flowers. The taste is creamy, smooth, and complex, in it the gentle nuances of raspberry interlace with a light tartness and a dry, pleasant aftertaste. It has bottled at 15% alcohol by volume. It pairs well with desserts, fruit salads, snacks, cheeses, and as an independent digestif. Enjoy!