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Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    35.6% Alcohol
    Stamford, Connecticut

    Jeremiah Weed The Curious Cinnamon Whiskey has a distinctive punch of spicy ground cinnamon that dials up the warm, woody whiskey character. This unique whiskey captivates the palate with a hint of spicy heat. This quality spirit then rides into a smooth finish, with rich notes of cinnamon and sharp spice. It is best consumed as a shot. It's part of a more significant line of blended drinks that go well with your evening meal. This Cinnamon Whiskey has a spicy flavor for an intense kick. Experience it straight, with water, or blend into a cocktail. This whiskey is strong but still goes down smooth and made in premium barrels to give it an unforgettable taste. Bring it out to make your next party more special and memorable. Enjoy!