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Jefferson's The Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail

750ml Bottle


    Castle Brands
    34% Alcohol
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Jefferson's The Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail is a delightful drink made with premium Jefferson's bourbon, combined with both sweet and dry vermouth, and enriched with barreled bitters. It gets its unique character from being finished in the original Jefferson's bourbon barrels in the Kentucky hills. This careful selection and finishing process gives it a complex and rich flavor. Enjoy this delicious Manhattan without any hassle or special equipment. 

    It is crafted in collaboration with the editors of Esquire.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Dark Cherries, Candied Fruit, Nutmeg, Dried Cranberry

    Flavor: Brown Sugar, Cherry Pie, Allspice

    Finish: Refined, with hints of spice and sweetness. Subtle undertones of herbs pop from the bitters, and the barrel aging.

    Serving Suggestions: Have it on the rocks or stir it over ice and serve it up. For added flair, you can add a cherry or an orange peel if you like. Cheers!

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