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Hiram Walker Kirschwasser Liqueur

750ml Bottle


    Hiram Walker
    Pernod Ricard
    45% Alcohol
    Fort Smith, Arkansas
    Product Description

    Made from the heart or pit of the Kirsch cherry, Hiram Walker Kirschwasser Liqueur is a crisp, tart, and full-flavored liqueur. The nose is fresh with a candied cherry aroma, leading to a sweet and tart palate, which gives a smooth, clean, and refreshing finish. Hiram Walker produces one of the broadest portfolios of Liqueurs in the world - 43 distinct and naturally delicious products from contemporary Schnapps to classic Brandies. Hiram Walker Liqueurs are made using only the best all-natural ingredients — making them must-haves for anyone who takes cocktails seriously. Hiram Walker started producing spirits in 1858, and he pioneered numerous distillation and manufacturing processes that are now industry standards. For example, Hiram Walker was one of the first alcohol producers to begin placing labels on his bottles. Since 1858, our experience making the world's best-distilled spirits has made our all-natural line of Schnapps, Liqueurs, Brandies, and Triple Sec a leader in domestic cordials. Try one of our many Drink Recipes today, and start mixing a better cocktail naturally. Hiram Walker Kirschwasser Liqueur is perfect for cocktails. Enjoy!

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