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Heritage Distilling 103 Proof Brown Sugar Bourbon Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    Heritage Distilling
    Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.
    51.5% Alcohol
    Gig Harbor, Washington

    Heritage Distilling 103 Proof BSB, which stands for "Brown Sugar Bourbon" is a naturally flavored whiskey made by Heritage Distilling Co. in Gig Harbor, Washington. It is created with the same recipe of BSB but bottled at 103 Proof. Heritage 103 Proof BSB is the bolder, badass version of BSB – a little less sweetness and a bigger kick of bourbon. Distilled to the most meticulous standards, Heritage Distilling Co. 103 Proof Brown Sugar Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from a corn, rye, and malted barley mash before being barreled at less than 125 proof for at least two years in new American Oak Charred Barrels. The whiskey is then cut to 103 proof with their private crystal clear water source and infused with natural brown sugar and cinnamon flavors. It is the bolder, stronger version of Heritage Distilling BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon Whiskey at 103 proof. This "High Altitude" Bourbon is flavored with natural brown sugar and cinnamon for a flavorful kick. Perfect for whiskey drinkers looking for something new. Enjoy!