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Heineken Silver

12oz (6 Bottles)


      Heineken N.V.
      4% Alcohol
      Product Description

      Heineken Silver is a crisp and refreshing lager beer that delivers on taste and quality. Brewed at 4% ABV, Heineken Silver is the solution for those who love a good quality beer but don't want to feel too full or weighed down after enjoying a few.

      Heineken Silver is brewed with an ice-cold lagering process at -1 degrees Celsius. This eliminates the feeling of drinking a heavy beer and smooths out any bitterness in the flavor profile. Brewed with uncompromised quality by their world-class brew masters, Heineken Silver has a full-bodied yet refreshing taste, making it an easy-to-drink lager with an extra refreshing taste and light, subtle finish. Heineken Silver contains 95 calories and 3.2g carbs per 12oz serving, at 4% alcohol by volume.

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