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Hardy XO Rare Cognac

750ml Bottle

    Le Vecke Corporation
    40% Alcohol

    Hardy XO Rare Cognac is part of the 'Tradition' Range by the House of Hardy. The blend is superbly aged with a beautiful amber color and incredible smoothness of taste. A real treat for all the senses, it delights with its good looks, tantalizing aromas, ever-evolving palate, and satisfyingly long finish. Presented in a contemporary decanter-style bottle, Hardy XO Rare displays beautifully atop a drinks cabinet. As with all Hardy Cognac, this represents exceedingly good value for money. It's one of the signature aspects of their offerings - almost unbelievable high quality for the price. Hardy XO Rare Cognac is a masterful blend of Grande & Petite Champagne Cognacs. The traditional collection places the Hardy style, where smoothness is king, within reach of every cognac connoisseur. Hardy XO Rare Cognac draws you into a world like no other: draped in its amber-tinted vermilion robe, its magical fresh rose petal, ripe date, and cigar box scents are an enchantment. The silky texture that comes with the maturity of a great Hardy XO Rare Cognac is equaled only by its incredibly long-lasting flavors. It is elegant and lush with a long persistent finish. Sip neat. Enjoy!