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Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac

750ml Bottle

    Le Vecke Corporation
    40% Alcohol

    Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac is a tribute to the cognac's world and to the Hardy's family. Worthy successor of Napoleon, combining the elegance of Petite Champagne with the delicacy of Borderies. A unique bottle with an attractive design which shows the rooster, the symbol of the brand, and France. Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac is of exceptional quality. With a title referring to the year in which the House of Hardy was founded, Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac is a vintage cognac created from a selection of Eau-de-vie from the Petite Champagne District and Borderies that are blended using traditional methods. The cognac is aged up to twelve years in toasted Limousin oak barrels. The end result is a fine representation of the classic Hardy style with a rich bronze color, a delicate scent of dates and rose petals, and flavors of cappuccino with a smooth finish. Citrus and coffee cappuccino with vanilla hints, we find on the palate with a beautiful long finish. Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac is a true masterpiece and one of the greater creations from the Hardy Cognac Family. It may be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, and it makes an excellent sidecar. Enjoy!