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Guinness 0 Non-Alcoholic Draught

14.9oz (4 Cans)


    Product Description

    Guinness 0 Non-Alcoholic Draught boasts the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavor, and unique dark color of Guinness, just without the alcohol.

    To create Guinness 0 Non-Alcoholic Draught, the St James's Gate brewers start by brewing Guinness exactly as they always have, using the same natural ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast, before gently removing the alcohol through a cold filtration method. The cold filtration process allows the alcohol to be filtered out without presenting thermal stress to the beer, protecting the integrity of its taste and character. The brewers then carefully blend and balance the flavors to ensure the distinctive flavor profile and taste characteristics of Guinness.

    The resulting product is a stout, unmistakably Guinness, just without the alcohol, featuring the same dark, ruby red liquid, creamy head, hints of chocolate and coffee, smoothly balanced with bitter, sweet, and roasted notes.

    Tasting Notes

    Color: Dark Ruby Red with a creamy head.

    Aroma: Hints of roasted coffee and chocolate.

    Palate: Smoothly balanced with bitter, sweet, roasted notes.

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