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Gasolina Urban Blends Sangriiia

200ml (5 Pouchs)

    Gasolina Urban Blends
    Pan American Properties Corp.
    7.5% Alcohol

    Sangriiia Gasolina Urban Blends Ready to Drink is a delicious blend of high-quality Caribbean rum, acai, and other 100% natural juices and fruits. It has no artificial preservatives, just pure, delicious flavor in every pouch.

    Please place them in the freezer for a delightful, adult slushy to savor on a hot summer day. The convenient packaging makes them ideal for beach parties, sipping by the pool, or anywhere. The Gasolina cocktails are ready to drink in convenient aluminum pouches with the straw included. Each pouch is 7.5% alcohol by volume. It is a party in a pouch! Enjoy!