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Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon

750ml Bottle


    Garrison Brothers
    Garrison Brothers Distillery
    65.65% Alcohol
    Hye, Texas
    Product Description

    Now and then, Garrison Brothers releases one of America's most highly-coveted bourbon whiskies: Cowboy Bourbon. This incredible bourbon has been recognized with numerous Platinum and Gold awards at several prestigious spirits competitions, such as the 2023 SIP Awards, the 2023 ASCOT awards, and the 2023 TAG Global Spirits Awards, to name a few. Cowboy Bourbon comes from Dan and Donnis' favorite barrels. These barrels are set aside for a couple of years for further maturation, and the liquid is bottled at cask strength, uncut, and unfiltered. It's the ultimate ambrosia.

    Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon greets you with an alluring bourbon perfume, blending scents of fresh lumber and honey wheat bread, potent enough to stir the senses. The initial heat reveals an array of flavors - warm plums, rhubarb, cocoa powder, and cherry juice, balanced by the earthiness of roasted pecans and a touch of white chocolate and clove honey. The finish is a delightful mix of Cinnamon Twizzlers, burnt marshmallows, Werther's chewy caramels, and red hots in apple cider, leaving behind a warmth akin to spicy citrus cinnamon and comforting apple pie.

    It takes a special barrel to create a bourbon nectar sweet enough to be enjoyed at such a high proof. The potency typically overpowers the flavor. This isn't the case with Cowboy Bourbon - it's so sweet that the flavor overpowers its proof. And you can thank the Texas heat for that. Finally, it will be barrel-proof. Straight from the barrel. Unfiltered. Uncut. Cask strength at 131.3 proof!

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