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Fu-Ki Sake

750ml Bottle

    Sazerac Company, Inc.
    16% Alcohol

    Fu-Ki Junmai Sake is made from the finest quality sun-nurtured rice, pure, mineral-rich filtered Japanese well water, and contains 16% alcohol by volume. It is naturally fermented with rice, water, and malted rice, called koji. Fu-Ki Sake enhances the flavor of food by cleansing and sanitizing the palate. Junmai Sake is often the right choice for matching with food like tempura, sashimi, or Chinese foods. Foods with rich taste match well and complement both Western and Asian style meals. Unlike wine, Sake oxidizes slowly. After opening a bottle, you can store Fu-Ki Sake in your refrigerator for at least one month. The traditional way to enjoy Sake is slightly warm in a small Japanese Sake cup or wine glass. However, it is equally delightful at room temperature, chilled, or on the rocks. Enjoy!