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Fruit & Flower Chardonnay

750ml Bottle

      White Wine
      Fruit & Flower
      Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Ltd.
      13.5% Alcohol
      United States

      Fruit and Flower Chardonnay White Wine boasts with ripe pear and apple notes. The citrus blossom and bergamot stand out on the palate, followed by a juicy lift from moderate acidity. It is fruit-forward with hints of floral notes, making it perfectly refreshing and delightful.

      What you see is what you get with Fruit & Flower from the Columbia Valley. It allows you to delight in the beauty of everyday moments. Raise a glass in celebration of these moments, big or small, and to a wine that can get you through all of them. It is best to serve slightly chilled and paired with seasonal fresh fruit. Enjoy this Chardonnay in bloom! Cheers!