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First Press Red Delicious Apple Rose

750ml Bottle

    First Press
    Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd
    8.5% Alcohol

    First Press Red Delicious Apple Rose Wine is a tantalizing blend of natural apple flavor infused into a sparkling rose. It is a refreshing blend of rose with tangy aromas of natural apple. This light, crisp wine offers an explosion of fruit flavors and an elegant touch of sweetness. The acidity of the apple perfectly balances the freshness of the rose wine.

    This Red Delicious Apple Rose is a vibrant and refreshing drink bottled at 8.5% alcohol by volume. It is best to serve chilled with a splash of champagne for a crisp, fruit-forward cocktail, over ice as an aperitif, or light appetizers. In a cocktail, apple and rose are a flavor match made in heaven. Enjoy!