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Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails Variety Pack

50ml (12 Bottles)


    Drinkworks, Inc.
    Williston, Vermont
    Product Description

    Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails Variety Pack comes with twelve 50 ml Pods with different flavors of your favorite Ready to Drink. This Variety Pack includes three of each of the following Pods: Blackberry Mojito (36.2% ABV), Strawberry Vodka Lemonade (36.9% ABV), Aloha Margarita (37.9% ABV), and Basil Tom Collins (36.1% ABV).

    The Blackberry Mojito is a fun fusion of flavors: lime, mint, and tart blackberries. In sweltering temps, an ice-cold Strawberry Vodka Lemonade will keep you nice and chill. Made with natural raspberry and hibiscus flavors, the Aloha Margarita turns any occasion into happy hour. With just the right amount of lemony zing, the Basil Tom Collins will be a hit at your next outdoor gathering.

    Warm weather pairs best with cold, fruity drinks—and it's never been easier to enjoy them with friends! The Drinkworks Summer Solstice Cocktails make the most of the season with this familiar classic and available exclusively in this summer hosting pack.

    Enjoy your favorite Summer Solstice Cocktails while swinging on your porch, lounging in the backyard, or gathered inside where it's cool. And no matter the season, please drink responsibly!

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