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Don Pancho Origenes 8 Year Old Rum

750ml Bottle

    Don Pancho Origenes
    Alcoholes Y Rones de Panama S.A.
    40% Alcohol

    Don Pancho Origenes 8 Year Old Aged Rum is the youngest rum in the blend aged in American Oak ex-Bourbon Casks (Kentucky sourced). Don Pancho wanted to recreate the rum he used to drink when he was young in Cuba, where 7-8-year-old rums were the oldest rums available.

    Don Pancho 8 Year has a Mahogany color with the aroma of balanced layers starting with caramel, leather, French vanilla, butter, charred oak. The taste is a medium body that carries elegant aromatic scents and flavors of oaky vanilla, figs, and butterscotch well into the long tapering finish that reinforces the smoothness throughout the duration. Buttery caramel feels with harmonious wood-aged rum flavors and oily macadamia and pepper complexity finish.

    It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It is a versatile product meant to drink neat, on the rocks, or in an excellent cocktail. Enjoy!