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Dolin Dry Vermouth

750ml Bottle


    Maison Dolin & Cie
    17.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Dolin Dry Vermouth de Chambery is a classical style of vermouth with a light, clean profile. It is made of fine wines and botanicals found in the Alpine meadows above Chambery. Dolin Dry is distinguished by its bright, fresh, and clean character, which comes from a delicate wine base and selection of plants, alpine herbs, and spices. Dolin Vermouths are notably lighter, drier, and less pungent than their larger commercial counterparts. The particular mixture of plants found near Chambery gives a fresh, restrained and elegant nose, with a subtle, sophisticated palate. This profile made the Martini cocktail famous at equal parts gin and vermouth. In addition to mixed drinks, Dolin Dry Vermouth is an ideal aperitif or accompaniment to raw shellfish, goat cheese, or pesto dishes. It can be enjoyed over ice, with a twist of citrus, or in a broad array of traditional cocktails. Enjoy!

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