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Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Rose Sake

360ml Bottle


    Akita Seishu Co. Ltd.
    11.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Rose Sake Wine has a beautiful and enticing pink hue derived from the color of the rice. It has elegant aromas of cherry and plum blossoms, underscored by notes of apples and berries. On the palate, the sake is silky smooth with a touch of sweetness balanced by crisp acidity and a light texture that creates a balanced, transcendent sake. It has bottled at 11.5% alcohol by volume.

    Sakura means cherry blossom and refers to the beautiful flower, so indicative of Japan. In contrast, Emaki refers to the illustrated scrolls on which the first-ever novel The Tales of Genji were written and preserved. Appreciate this Sakura Emaki Rose Sake with a wide range of pairing options, from shellfish, ceviche, grilled poultry, to pork tenderloins. Savor a bottle of this unique sake and write your great tale. Enjoy!

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