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Dewar's 15 Year Old

750ml Bottle


    Bacardi Limited
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Dewar's 15 Year Old is a type of whiskey that is made by blending different kinds of whiskey. It's a special reserve blend, which means it's extra special and unique.

    This whiskey was created by Stephanie Macleod, and it's known for being sweeter and lighter than other blended scotch whiskeys. It's made using a special process where it's aged twice, which makes it really smooth. The water used to make it is also special and golden.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: When you smell it, you'll notice a subtle and gentle aroma of malt, honey, fruit, and citrus. There's also a touch of oak. You might also sense a little bit of smoke, sherry, and flowers.

    Taste: When you take a sip, you'll feel that it's creamy and rich in your mouth. You'll taste the flavors of honey and toffee, which are quite strong. There are also hints of dried fruit, flowers, and spicy oak.

    Finish: After you've finished drinking, you'll feel a warm sensation. It's not too strong, but it's cozy. You'll also notice a pleasant combination of peppery oak and vanilla flavors that stay with you.

    Overall, Dewar's 15 Year Old whiskey is special because of its smoothness and unique taste. It has flavors of malt, honey, fruit, citrus, oak, and more.

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