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Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon

750ml Bottle

    Devils River
    Devils River Whiskey
    58.5% Alcohol
    San Antonio, Texas
    United States

    Devils River Barrel Strength Texas Bourbon Whiskey is the barrel strength, 117-proof entry in their whiskey lineup. Great whiskey starts with great water. That's why their award-winning whiskeys starts with the exceptionally pure, fresh limestone-filtered water from the Devils River region. Its mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley makes for a bold, yet smooth sipper.

    Drinking barrel strength whiskey gives you the full strength of their high-rye bourbon with its flavorful "bite." This bold expression provides a smooth taste amplified with hints of oak, honey, caramel, and spice. They finish their whiskeys with their proprietary chill filtration process. Chill filtration removes impurities and softens the finish without compromising the whiskey's flavor. The result is a deep amber color and award-winning taste.

    Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon leads with distinct notes of pepper, oak, and rye. It has balanced with hints of ripe apples, pears, and vanilla on the nose. A bold, smooth taste that develops on the palate. Its flavor has amplified with even stronger hints of oak, honey, and caramel, followed by some peppery spice. The finish is smooth and warm. It's a bold-flavored high proof bourbon that finishes clean on the back palate. Best enjoyed neat, but you can add a drop of water or a large ice cube that will melt slowly – this brings the proof down a bit and opens up the flavor. Enjoy!