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Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum

750ml Bottle

    Beam Suntory
    68.5% Alcohol

    Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum was created following the category five hurricane that swept through the brand's home island of St. Croix in 2017. Bottled at 137 proof (68.5% alcohol by volume), it pays tribute to the resilient spirit that has allowed us to stand firm in the face of disaster – a bold reminder that together we can weather any storm.

    This Hurricane Proof offers a clean and smooth flavor profile due to the low levels of fusel oils with which it has crafted. It has a robust fresh aroma with a sweet caramel finish. This Overproof Rum offers a bold, dominant flavor with a hint of sweetness that wakes the palate.

    Alongside every Cruzan Rum expression, Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum joins the ranks as one of the cleanest-tasting rums in the industry. It's clean and smooth flavor makes it the perfect gift for any rum lover this holiday season. It makes a welcome addition to any classic rum cocktail or frozen beverage, or in the brand's signature cocktail, the Cruzan Hurricane Hot Toddy. Enjoy!