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Crown Royal Noble Collection Cornerstone Blend Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    40.3% Alcohol

    Crown Royal Noble Collection Cornerstone Blend Whiskey is the first limited edition release in an annual series known as the Noble Collection. Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend combines three whiskeys to create a superior taste, which boasts not just the sweetness of caramel but also the richness of toasted grains before fading to leave the intriguing aftertaste of fruit and spice. A superior blend of our three most essential whiskies, notes of sweet caramel, rich toasted grains and aroma of ripe fallen apples. The nose offers ripe fallen apple, malted grain, toffee, vanilla extract. The palate has sweet caramel and rich toasted grains, a subtle oak character with orchard and tropical fruit essences. Fruity tartness fades into a gentle woody spice finish. An extraordinary gesture for an extraordinary few. Please drink responsibly. Enjoy!