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Crown Royal Honey Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    35% Alcohol

    Unwind in luxury with a glass of Crown Royal Honey Whiskey. To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are carefully selected by our master whiskey blenders and infused with the subtly sweet taste of honey. The result is a vibrantly delicious whiskey with the sophisticated and distinct smoothness of Crown Royal. The nose offers oaky whiskey aroma with honey and a slight brown spice. On the palate, sweet, real clover honey with a smooth whiskey finish. Crown Royal Honey gives moderately viscous and tingly mouthfeel with a warm honey finish. Crown Royal Honey Whiskey was offered for a limited time. First created in 1939 as a gift for the king and queen of England, a Canadian entrepreneur, created a blend of 50 whiskies and wrapped a bottle in a regal purple bag with gold stitching. Affectionately named "Crown Royal", our whiskey maintains the integrity and quality of our process today as it was first presented to English royalty. Blended with 50 distinct whiskies, Crown Royal assures decadence in every bottle of our signature whiskies. Enjoy straight on the rocks or in a cocktail for a uniquely smooth experience. Be sure to grab it if you see it on the shelf! Please drink responsibly.